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The magic moment of Butterfly Your World

Welcome to Butterfly Your World and thank you for stopping by. 

Butterfly Your World family start with only 3 members around 9 months ago and every day is getting bigger, better and stronger, more beautiful and more colorful thanks to each one of you.

We started something like this....

Late September, late around 2 weeks and kinda hungry we decide to have one of our last dinners only two of us. You know how it is that panic moment not being sure how will be after and try to do everything possible before the baby comes. So we went to a italian restaurant, of course, because we were having some pasta cravings and need to calm down the baby, who's coming but not coming but coming but who knows!?

After we sit down and place our order somebody start knocking in our door so we start panic. We should wait or should stay eat and see what's happening. The server told us he has only 5 kids and to we are in good hands if something happen and we got more confident, of course not! The contractions were pretty strong now and after receiving the pasta and having few bites we decide to take everything to go and run. Not away, but to get in time to our maternity center. We did get there in time but I believe I was more panic and more sweat than my pregnant love....After being accommodate in our room we were waiting the moment. Moment...yes, moment! Everybody was talking there like is a bell or huge notice saying when and how is the moment when you have to push, because if you push to early you get tired and if you push to late not in rhythm with the contractions not good. OMG I was terrified and don't know how to help to make it easy for my love. Staying next to her and she's having contractions and probably hates everything about me in those moments, not easy at all. After we tried more than enough in the jacuzzi I was getting nuts when I saw next to me the midwife falling asleep and only three of us in the room.... I start having movies in my head how to be the main midwife! I was dying slowly...

After many times failing we decide to go in bed to try a different way. We were really lucky to have one of the best midwifes and even she was making me nervous earlier. Excited or panic I was waiting the moment with my phone to record something....I don't know what but to be cool like other daddies at birth. So the moment is coming and looks like our baby Anastasia (not Steele from 50 Shades of Gray, the Russian Princess they made the cartoon after to make it clear hahaha) doesn't wanna come out. Now should see me in action like a real daddy helping the midwife holding strongly one leg, the assistant the other one and the midwife giving directions. I was feeling really proud of me how I stayed there and take action not throwing up or passing out like other ones when they saw the baby coming out where they used to...."berried the rabbit". I still don't understand how I heard before dads saying after they saw the birth moment they couldn't look at their life partners the same way. Such a bull s**t. Are you a f man or a lost princess?!

Anyway the moment was almost there or kind of and with a little help from our midwife, Anastasia saw first time this beautiful world and her amazing parents. Speechless moment full of meaning and excitement seeing our precious safe, healthy, pretty big but beautiful. At her 9.4 lb she was rocking the day like daddy at his time almost 12 lb natural way (by the way I'm still holding the record in my family).

The time of our life came and our baby gave us the vision of Butterfly Your World. Our vision is to create a different and unique environment to shop comfortable a large variety of baby shoes starting early, first few days after birth and up to 36 months. 

Together we go through the most difficult times of our lifes, adaptation of a new little life to everything around. Is not only about the baby adapting (of course it is to make all mommas happy!) but realistic or not we need to admit that when baby comes in our lifes everything change and from that on we need to adapt to become better, more careful and responsible, to train our mind to be more calm and relax in all situations. The game is ON now! 

We are glad to see our butterflies appreciating more and more our work and passion for our soft and comfortable baby shoes, either moccasins, sandals or organic option materials.

More than that Butterfly Your World is not just a regular baby shoes store. It offers a big selection of shoes styles, genuine or organic leather very comfortable, non-slippery and made to stay on. Having you around help us to improve our style and quality every day and keeping our prices at same level. It's easy to shop with us everywhere you are finding us easy on google search, etsy, amazon, facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter or many other social networks.


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