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July 17th Give Away Winners

Andrei 7thousand

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Lots of thanks for being part of Butterfly Your World family. Don't forget once or twice a month somebody will have a chance to win a pair of baby shoes (sandals, organic shoes or moccasins). Stay in touch with us on all social media channels to win and get our new arrival products. Lots of love! Butterfly Your World Give Away winners from facebook and instagram are : Elizabeth Marie Wallace & @riley_grace_ .  Thank you all!

The magic moment of Butterfly Your World

Welcome to Butterfly Your World and thank you for stopping by.  Butterfly Your World family start with only 3 members around 9 months ago and every day is getting bigger, better and stronger, more beautiful and more colorful thanks to each one of you. We started something like this.... Late September, late around 2 weeks and kinda hungry we decide to have one of our last dinners only two of us. You know how it is that panic moment not being sure how will be after and try to do everything possible before the baby comes. So we went to a italian restaurant,...